Existing Conditions, continued

Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Transit

Today, there are extremely limited options along Kitsap Way that support travel for people walking, rolling, biking, or taking transit. The City of Bremerton would like to improve the corridor for all modes as part of this transportation study.

The following describes the existing conditions for pedestrians, bicycles, and transit along Kitsap Way:

  • Lack of pedestrian and bicycle facilities require people to use roadway shoulders next to vehicle traffic, discouraging people from walking, biking, and using transit.
  • Only two marked crosswalks exist along the 1.5-mile-long corridor.
  • Undefined driveways and parking areas increase the potential for conflicts between vehicles and bicycles and pedestrians.

Map of the West Kitsap Study Planning area

Map with a legend showing Kitsap Way in green to highlight the study area and circles in pink to highlight the nine intersections of the study area.

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 Bicycle Lane(s)

 Shared Use Path

 Bicycle Route Sharrows / shoulders

 No Facilities

 Crosswalk Across Kitsap Way

 Bus Stop Route 212


Potential Solutions

  • Add sidewalks, bike lanes, or a multi-use trail to separate non-motorized users from vehicle traffic.
  • Add features and amenities to make Kitsap Way more attractive and friendly to all users.
  • Improve crossings at intersections or near priority crossing locations, such as transit stops.
  • Review intersection operations to determine if traffic control changes are needed.

Design concept cross section showing pedestrians, cyclist, and vehicle each with their own path of travel and with a light post and a tree.

Example of a potential design concept with multiple features for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists (for illustrative purposes only)